Elephant Ginger Beer

June 2010| 5,543 views

Elephant House Ginger Beer, or EGB as it is widely referred to, is a drink created from a recipe that is over a century old. Yet its taste (derived from 100% natural ginger extracts) is one sought after in the markets of the Middle East, Singapore, India, Thailand, UK, Switzerland, Europe, The Czech Republic, Canada and West Africa.

EGB also supports the livelihood of approximately 1,125 people due to the production of its key ingredient (ginger), which involves farmers from the district of Kandy, Sri Lanka’s hill capital. To this end, the Ceylon Cold Stores works in consortium with the Kandurata Development Bank and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to provide these farmers with technology and resources.

EGB is a product of Ceylon Cold Stores, a fully owned subsidiary of John Keells Holdings.