Savour A New Gourmet Experience At The California Grill

May 2011| 466 views


Entranceto the California Grill

The dazzling views of the shimmering Indian Ocean, the bustling Colombo harbour and the city lit up at night have been intrinsically linked with a fine dining experience at the California Grill, Galadari Hotel, for years. The restaurant opens its doors, revamped and revitalised, with a brand new lunch.

A scrumptious lunch with all the luxuries of a fine dining restaurant and a stunning view of the ocean in the middle of a busy weekday seems next to impossible, especially for busy corporate and business people, who are constantly pressed for time. But that is exactly what the California Grill is promising. In a relaxing ambience equipped with the facilities for working away from the office, the Power Lunch offers a lavish three-course meal in just 45 minutes. The Power Lunch is all about efficiency and speedy service. The car park and elevator of the Hotel have been reserved especially for these customers so that they waste no time making their way up to the rooftop, where the California Grill is located.

The set menu includes various Continental choices for each course. Tender smoked salmon and tangy prawn cocktails are on offer as starters. The range of soups includes Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Asparagus and Mulligatawny. For the main course there will be a selection of seafood, chicken, lamb or vegetable. The meal will end with an assortment of light desserts suitable for lunch, like fresh fruits, mousses and gateaux. What is notable about the menu is that it was penned with vegetarians and the health-conscious in mind, and therefore there are several delicious choices for varying preferences.

While the Power Lunch can be a small respite from the stresses of the working day, it is also perfect for those who cannot afford to take time off work. There is access to Wi-Fi to send or receive urgent e-mails and secretarial services for various other work-related requirements customers may have.

The exclusivity of Power Lunch ensures the California Grill does not become too crowded. However, if customers require further privacy during their meal, there is the choice of sitting at one of the two private dining rooms at the restaurant.  Also a section of the restaurant, the lounge and bar area is more suitable for perhaps an informal meeting.

Dinner at the California Grill, celebrated for its delectable food and elegant ambiance, has been enhanced. The restaurant’s dancing chef, Anushan Perera, will unveil an improved menu. Chef Anushan is a Latin and ballroom dance champion who has won both local and international championships for which he is fondly referred to as the ‘dancing chef’.

The private lounge or bar is the ideal venue for pre-dinner cocktails created by the California Grill barman. A wide range of wines to complement meals is also on offer. The quality of the wines is ensured by storing them in a wine display case that keeps different types of wine at the optimum temperature.

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