The Tourmaline: Luxury Amidst Beauty

May 2011| 320 views


The plush and spacious lobby area


Words  Prasadini Nanayakkara Photographs  Mahesh Prasantha

Since 1986 The Tourmaline has been offering guests a three star experience amidst its enviable setting in the hill capital Kandy. Situated near its counterpart, Hotel Topaz, since recent times The Tourmaline has been in preparation to unveil an entirely new facility for its guests – elevating to luxury standards in comforts, experience and service.

Secluded from the mundane disturbance of day-to-day activities, the Hotel invites guests to a refurbished interior of spacious plushness and tasteful finesse. This ambience exudes throughout, from the lobby area to the rooms above. “The Tourmaline is now a luxury hotel comprising of 30 rooms,” says Anura Basnayake, Joint Managing Director. “The rooms are of very high standards complete with all the modern and high end amenities,” he assures. The Hotel includes a suite, a family unit consisting of three rooms and a triple room. The remainder are of equal standards varied by finer details of colour and décor to suit personal tastes from the lavish to the more subdued.

The Tourmaline takes an extra mile with its amenities for guests inclusive of a DVD library to pick and choose from and even provides laptops for checking their email for those who wish to mix business with pleasure. Aside from its many comforts, each of the rooms enjoy a generous view of the lush hill country surroundings and can even be viewed while soaking among the soap suds in the bath tub. While the Hotel would have access to a tennis court, swimming pool and a spa facility for recreational activities, guests can indulge further with a jacuzzi provided for the rooms.

A 300 capacity banquet hall has also been suitably refurbished to host memorable functions such as weddings. The hall can be accessed via a separate entrance adorned by a small waterscape complete with cascading waters. The highlight of Tourmaline is its restaurant. Situated at the topmost floor guests can feast their eyes on a panoramic view that stretches a distance unknown, to a silhouette of misty mountains at its farthest. All this while they indulge in meticulously prepared French cuisine from an á la carte menu. “Flambé or the liquor flamed dishes are a specialty and one of the main attractions that can be experienced here,” adds Anura Basnayake. Additionally a bar is situated adjacently where guests can indulge in a game of billiards as well if they can tear themselves away from the airy ambience of the restaurant.

Aside from the graciously served food covers at the restaurant, guests can expect an uncompromised service at all times with a personalised butler service. For instance, for a duration of one month’s stay the guests can have all their needs tended to by the same staff member who will remain throughout the stay.

All in all the Tourmaline is a luxury hotel that would ensure quietude and privacy coupled with all its many bonuses for a truly gratifying stay.

The Tourmaline, Kandy
Tel: (+94 81) 738 9000-6
Fax: (+94 81) 223 2073