Dulux Ambiance – Style And Sophistication

June 2011| 505 views


A model at ‘Renaissance for Designs’

The sole purpose of the newly launched Dulux Ambiance is to create an atmosphere that reflects each consumer’s innate style by using colours creatively. Bold, bright, mellow and vibrant, the colours within the Dulux Ambiance range define a new standard in decorative paints and opens a whole new world of colour allowing consumers to step away from the norm and experiment.

The new range of colours are meticulously chosen by an international panel of experts consisting of interior designers, fashion designers and architects who analyse global fashion trends and decide on the colour palette.

This year Dulux Ambiance brings 38 colours. The colour preview services and guidance will assist consumers to select a palette while giving them the freedom to express their personality in their homes confidently.

Dulux Ambiance was launched to the trendsetters in the business world and fashion world of Sri Lanka at a glamorous event appropriately themed ‘Renaissance for Designs’. Celebrating the vibrant colours of the Ambiance range, undergraduates of fashion design from the Moratuwa University’s Faculty of Architecture presented a show that merged both the ambiance colours and fashion.

Gerald de Saram, Managing Director, Akzo Nobel Paints Lanka stated that this new range of paints would allow consumers to showcase their fashionable side. He further stated, “there is no right or wrong way to use colour, it’s all about individuality and how you choose to express your own individuality.”