Segar, Celebrated For His Unique Style

June 2011| 319 views

Paintings by Segar

Elements of Impressionism, Romanticism, Cubism and Classicism blend together in the renowned artist, Segar. He is an icon painter who invented his own style of drawing. His representations have paid tribute to the beauty of Asian women and everything from nature to religion, from life to eternity. His brush has strayed towards abstract too, but not with severe force. Segar dabbles in creating his own colour schemes with remarkable energy. Very bold in the use of fiery reds, stunning blues, gorgeous greens and the sunny yellows, he gains inspiration from a setting sun to set off dull colours with a vibrant orange.

This Sri Lankan artist has the skill and dynamism to join the ranks of great artists whose work has been shown in prestigious galleries like Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Segar is one painter who relies on colour as his vehicle for expression. The realistic depiction of ordinary objects is of no importance. It is the substance that he finds in colour that matters. In a sense, he challenges the conventional ideas of figure and line and consciously rejects the image in his art. He has no free-floating forms but is serene and courageous in his strokes. Understanding his work requires deep study rather than a brief glance.

Segar’s female figures are sensuous but without sexism. The mystique and oriental beauty captured in them are alluring and revive the ladies of the harems of kings of yore. Segar plays on colour and light, but not to enhance a particular point. They are merely gap-fillers for his representations of figures. His is a new language in art, different to most painters.