Park Street Mews: Indulging In A Difference

August 2011| 859 views

As the evening sets in, strings of lights illuminate the Park Street Mews

As the evening sets in, strings of lights illuminate the Park Street Mews

At the threshold of the busy Park Street, ‘the Mews’ marks its presence with an eclectic charm of its own making. Setting foot here is to be transported to a world of your choice with a fusion of flavours to complement.

Words Prasadini Nanayakkara Photographs Mahesh Prasantha

Opened in January 2009 the Mews is the first in a block of colourful warehouses aligning a cobblestone alleyway instantly setting it apart from the vicinity. The original warehouse complex built in the 1900s by the Moosajees has evolved into the commercial establishment it is today. Upon entering, the restaurant at once exudes an atmosphere of casual comfort, and hints of a warehouse still remain. The stripped walls to expose brick and the cement polished floors impart a blend of laidback ease and rustic coziness. The Mews caters to all manner of needs whether you choose to plunge into beanbags or plush sofas to lounge for hours with a coffee in hand, or enjoy a meal with family and friends at the table. Aside from its spacious interior, long French windows add to its airy openness with a view of the busy streets. The paved alleyway takes a step further in accommodating alfresco dining along its length to indulge in a meal at leisure under a stream of twinkling lights. The WiFi facility at the restaurant also allows you to browse internet, catch up on correspondence or engage in business affairs in a quiet niche of your own.

Its offerings for the palate are more so versatile with a fusion twist of continental and tropical dishes. Although breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are available throughout the week, a meal of your choice can be had anytime of the day, be it even a serving of steak at eight in the morning. Among the many favourites are the flavoursome preparations such as Chicken Breast stuffed with egg plant and feta cheese with spinach mash, vegetables and spicy orange sauce, and Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast gratin with mozarella served with salad and roast potato. Light lunches such as Tortilla wraps or salads such as Caesar Salad with grilled chicken or smoked salmon or prawn and Greek Salad with feta cheese cater to the busy customer looking to grab a quick lunch before heading back to work.

A popular feature is the all day breakfast menu on weekends served up from nine in the morning till seven at night and even includes a Sri Lankan spread of either, pol roti and katta sambol, string hoppers, milk rice or pol pittu to further broaden its variety. Simply leaving nothing to be desired, for those who might tire of the usual menus, specials can be seen chalked on a blackboard throughout the first half of the month while during the latter a monthly themed promotion such as preparations featuring lamb are concurrently on offer with the a la carte menu.

The Mews also brings out its best with rich servings of dessert to complete a meal. Rhubarb Crumble served up since day one, Tiramusu and the staunch favourite Warm Chocolate Fondant with ice cream are among a delectable array. Additionally Park Street Mews also offers a takeaway menu composed from the many favourites of the a la carte menu to be delivered to your doorstep. Outdoor catering is another service provided for events and functions held either at the restaurant, its event venue ‘Warehouse D’ at the end of the alleyway, or elsewhere.

The Aquarium is another special feature at the Mews for those who wish to enjoy a meal in seclusion. What was originally a bank vault, this interior dining space with air conditioned comfort is frequented by many individual groups for quiet dining in its surreal aqua atmosphere.

As evening approaches the Mews shows its true character as it transforms before your eyes. As the lights dim its many quirky ornamental lamps are lit to illuminate the interior in a warm glow. Incidentally, many of the curios on display at the Mews can be purchased as well. Outside, the alleyway acquires a festive charm as streams of little lights create a rare dining atmosphere ideal on a clear balmy night. On every second Sunday of the month the quiet evening at the alleyway is brought to life by a DJ with a blend of soul, funk and jazz rhythms as you chill out into the night.

While Warehouse D serves as a venue for functions and events including the newly launched Zumba classes the much desired ambience and cuisine of the Mews itself has struck a chord amongst many. From company functions, staff meetings, product launches to jazz evenings, literary festivals and poetry readings – all find a complementary setting at the Mews. Even the alleyway alone is sought for a touch of uniqueness and hosts a variety of events including weddings with its 200 strong capacity and ample room for parking within the premises.

The novelties of Park Street Mews have drawn many regulars with a penchant for its comfort and special ambience. With the choicest of palatable favourites to delight in, it stands apart for those seeking a dining and relaxing venue with a difference or to simply unwind and feel at home.

Opening hours:

8:00am-11:00pm (Monday-Friday)

8:00am-midnight (Saturday and Sunday)

50/1 Park Street Mews, Colombo 2

Tel: (+94 11) 230 0133