Nuga Gama Celebrates International World Indigenous People’s Day

October 2011| 254 views


Thirty children from different parts of the country gathered together at Nuga Gama to learn about the world’s indigenous tribes, as a part of Cinnamon Grand’s celebration of the International World Indigenous People’s Day

Nuga Gama at Cinnamon Grand Hotel paid tribute to the indigenous tribes of the world as part of its celebration of International World Indigenous People’s Day.

The occasion is a bid to create awareness and understanding of indigenous tribes around the world. A group of 30 children selected by the Funday Times from different parts of the country, were given the chance to attend a series of workshops on the culture of indigenous people.

During the workshops a group of dancers of the Werapitiya Dance Troupe entertained the audience with a traditional Veddah song and dance.

Three members of the National Archery Team, representing the Colombo Archery School, conducted a session on archery, giving each child several chances at hitting a target.