Speed Drome: A Big Thrill

October 2011| 614 views


Words Chamindra Warusawitharane Photographs Menaka  Aravinda

As we entered the Speed Drome premises the intense hum of go-karts speeding on the racing track greeted us. A group of youngsters were practicing on the track while their friends cheered them on from a safe distance. Backed by MacLarens Group with its great passion towards advancing Motor Sports in Sri Lanka, Speed Drome is frequented by young men and women who want to get their basics right in go karting as a first step in their quest to enter the world of Motor Sports. Moving one step ahead of just providing a platform for training and go karting competitions, the Company itself holds annual go karting competitions to offer young Sri Lankans a chance to enter Motor Sports. 
The Company provides Formula cars to the ten best drivers in this annual competition. The drivers then have the chance of competing in Motor Sports competitions in the local arena. Emdad Hussein is one of Speed Drome’s success stories. He was identified as a talented driver and went on to win a Formula race for the first time in Katukurunda this year.

Speed Drome is not just about go karting. The whole family can spend a pleasant day within its premises. Tearing ourselves away from the racing track we arrived at the Motor Sport themed restaurant at Speed Drome. The entrance was flanked by the winning car of the latest SPEED race in Pannala. 
After every race the winner’s car takes this place of honour at the restaurant. Earlier, CEO of Speed Drome, Dinesh Jayawardana’s racing car had been parked at the entrance in all its glory.

The black and white interior of the restaurant adorned with rims, engines and other parts of racing cars teased our imaginations with visions of Kimi Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher walking in at any given moment. Diners can watch the racing track through the restaurant’s glass walls while enjoying food and beverages of their choice. The restaurant offers a range of food items from salads, soup, rice dishes, and beef steaks to burgers.

Behind the restaurant there is the kids’ play area complete with a kids’ racing track. Thus, any small boy or girl who wants to imitate dad can race to their hearts content. Vigilant parents have access to remote controls to the kid’s racing cars so that the mischievous ones would not get into trouble. Swings, see-saws and other playthings are also in place for the kids.

There is something for everyone at Speed Drome. As we left the kids’ play area and walked a little further with our eyes glued to the still visible racing track, we stepped into an area decked with tables, chairs and most importantly a swimming pool. At that time a group of kids were in the pool frolicking around and practicing while their parents watched on.

The complete set of facilities and the ambiance at Speed Drome present an ideal setting for a variety of occasions from simple family get togethers to high profile corporate events. Companies can either organise individual go karting competitions or team building competitions apart from spending an undoubtedly eventful day at Speed Drome. Evidently Families can simply race, dine, play, chat and have fun at this facility. A dip in the swimming pool seems like a good way to end the day in any case.

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday 3pm to 10pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am to 10pm

Speed Drome

260/1, Pannipitiya Road, Pellawatta, Battaramulla

Tel: (+94 11) 479 9100

Fax: (+94 11) 471 7769