Wild Grass: Retreat Into Nature

October 2011| 365 views


One of the bedrooms

Waking up in the downy-soft luxury of your bed to the sounds of myriad different birdcalls, a splendid view of lush jungle vegetation and perhaps a glimpse of strutting peacocks or even an ambling elephant is an unusual yet wonderful experience. At Wild Grass Nature Resort, you can observe the surrounding jungle and absorb its tranquillity, all the while remaining cocooned within the comfort of your private villa.

Words Haseena Razak

Wild Grass lies at the edge of the Lenawa village in Kumbukkadanwala located between Sigiriya and Dambulla, and within a few hours’ driving distance of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy and Trincomalee. This makes Wild Grass the perfect base from which to discover the cultural triangle and other destinations in Sri Lanka. The appeal of the 33-acre plot of pristine jungle land is enhanced by the natural lake by its side.

Only six acres of shrubbery have been cleared to build a reception area, kitchen, dining space and the villas that transport its guests into the heart of nature. With at least 50 feet separating each villa from the other and the resort’s maximum capacity being around 15 people, Wild Grass promises solitude and tranquillity.

Natural materials like wood and stone have been used to build the spacious villas and the ample use of glass allows unobstructed views of the sylvan surroundings. The open-concept living room on the ground floor, invites the cooling afternoon breeze. The villas are designed for double or triple occupancy. The family villa has two bedrooms and bathrooms. All the bedrooms provide luxuries like air conditioning and satellite television. The private bathrooms are open to the sky, providing yet more opportunity for guests to be one with nature.

The Resort pays close attention to ensuring that guests feel at home. While meals are served in the main restaurant and terrace, they can be requested in the villas as well. Guests are given a choice of main courses and special requests can be accomodated. In addition, room service operates round the clock, and any midnight tummy-rumbles are put to rest.

If lounging around and feasting on the scrumptious food ever becomes too much of an indulgence to bear, aside from the secluded swimming pool, for those with an appetite for adventure, there is also the option of walking or riding a bicycle along the pathway that winds through the jungle within the Resort. Adjoining one of the boundaries of the Resort is a hill that guests can trek up to with a picnic. The summit offers a breathtaking view of the Sigiriya Rock. Additionally, safaris can be arranged to nature reserves like Kaudulla, Minneriya or Wasgamuwa. Hot air ballooning expeditions can be arranged right from the Resort as well.

Commited to conducting business in harmony with nature, 
Wild Grass uses solar power to generate hot water and partial lighting. The small garden provides fresh produce, grown organically, to supply the kitchen. Additional supplies are bought from the village, ensuring the community benefits from the Resort. Moreover, Wild Grass has provided running water and school supplies to a nursery school in the village.

At Wild Grass Nature Resort you will unwind and find a sense of peace. Perhaps, you will end up doing nothing, but considering the frantic pace of today’s world, doing nothing at all is possibly the greatest gift.

Wild Grass Nature Resort,

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