BLUDGE All The Way

November 2011| 560 views


The t-shirts come in five trippy designs: Lost, Traveller, Drops and Lanterns

‘BLUDGE’, it’s a word with a lot of possibility. And this duo, Sala and, well, ‘Bludgy’ as she is fondly called, are gradually moulding it into a lifestyle brand.

Words Prasadini Nanayakkara

Bludging is a way of life,” they both chorus smilingly. Although bludge, an Australian slang word that refers to those who spend time in idleness, “our meaning of it is, for people who are doing their own thing in a creative way,” declares Sala. With their first collection of BLUDGE t-shirts launched just over two months ago, Bludgy and Sala are doing just that.

Putting an end to slogging away in corporate environments or the rat race of life, the duo stepped into the world of possibilities. ”We always wanted to start something of our own and what we liked to do,” says Bludgy and for her, t-shirts had always been an idea waiting to happen. The first collection was developed drawing inspiration from island life and their many travels around the country, another of their favourite pastimes.

“We did this limited edition of the first line, and not on a mass scale, it’s more like art you wear,” explains Sala. Both hailing from advertising backgrounds, Blugdy finds her creative output in forming designs while Sala puts his marketing acumen to use. Thus the first line comprise a total of 200 t-shirts of five ‘trippy’ designs that essentially introduce the BLUDGE brand. The designs themed Traveller, Shrooms, Drops, Lanterns and Lost, each available in four different colours are as a result of different forms of Bludgespiration, so to speak. A story revolves around each design derived from their many travels and represents a lifestyle, in particular island life. The designs themselves convey that Bludgy has a fondness for boxes and squares. “Boxes are our story, in each design you see, a box or a square in some form or the other and it has extended to our logo as well,” adds Sala.

“From the cut of the t-shirt, the pattern, selection of material to getting it stitched and printed, we both get involved in the whole process,” says Bludgy. And each t-shirt is presented in a box packaging along with a few interesting add-ons including a personalised note. What hopes to be one of many future ventures for BLUDGE, the t-shirt collections intend to inspire others to go their own way as well. True to being a lifestyle brand Bludgy and Sala, extend a helping hand to other artists, photographers, DJs, musicians and even kite surfers, following their work while attending events and exhibitions. With this concept arose the BLUDGE Lounge. “At parties or events it’s a separate area where people can come and chill-out, get away from the crowd forming a little group network, and in our small way we try to promote them, the same kind of community, as that’s the kind of lifestyle brand we want to do,” explains Sala.

“Boxes are our story, in each design you see, a box or a square in some form or the other and it has extended to our logo as well.”

Incidentally the t-shirt line has generated much interest through the BLUDGE Facebook page with over 400 fans in a matter of two months and many requests made through the website as well. The t-shirts are only available via the website, where the BLUDGE creators can be contacted and have the order delivered to your doorstep within seven days. Those interested can also connect through, “the blodge” that is of course, the blog where regular weekly articles on events, activities and travels are updated. Here fellow bludgers are also welcome to share their opinions and even seek help on starting their own thing.

Sala and Bludgy are thankful to all their friends who have helped them along the way. “We couldn’t have Bludged without their support,” adds Sala. Already, the second line of  t-shirts is underway. “This present batch is all to do with the brand. We are just explaining what BLUDGE is, but with the second batch we are feeling very colourful, very bold,” says Sala, “and a lot of boxes,” cues in Bludgy.

Photography: Thilini Perera and Mika Tennekoon