An Exhibition Of Sculpture By Manoranjana Herath

December 2011| 427 views


An exhibition of sculpture titled ‘Painful Hearts’, presented by Manoranjana Herath was held recently at the Barefoot Gallery. All of the sculptures were metal based and highlighted the versatility of the artist. The sculptures each featured a symbol of the heart exemplifying the theme of the exhibition. The reason behind the title was to portray the experiences felt by people, their inner feelings that cannot be expressed or explained. Speaking about the exhibition, Manoranjana Herath said, “We are living in an age full of suffering. It brings a stream of thoughts and feelings of pain and loneliness to all of us. We bear all these agonies at the bottom of our hearts; but it is not heard or seen. Thus, I have converted this pain in our hearts that cannot be expressed or heard, into works of art. The painful heart represents that experience; in my sculptures, I try to bring out that indescribable feeling.”