TEA 4 U from Anverally and Sons

September 2012| 975 views


Anverally and Sons presents, Tea 4 U, a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality, authenticity in tea and part of a philosophy that goes beyond, over one hundred years of tradition, coupled with constant innovation, the secrets of the trade. Tea 4 U contains 100% Pure Ceylon Tea. Its unique quality and freshness comes from the handpicked leaves from some of the best tea estates in the country.

Anverally and Sons keeping in line with demands with exciting new flavours comprising fruit and spice extracts to produce new blends such as Sour Sop, Jasmine, Peach, Mint, Earl Grey, 1001 Nights, Romance, Forest Fruits, Wild Berries, Tropical Fusion, Mango, Clove, Misty Green etc.

Tea 4 U gift selection teas from Anverally and Sons are blended with exotic, scientifically proven, health-giving spices and fruit extracts providing absolute drinking pleasure all year around. Anverally Tea’s product range is wide and varied consisting of a line of Tea packs, Flavored Tea, Bottled Tea, Tea Packets, Green Tea, Red Tea, CTC Tea and a large number of other tea-related products.