Outdoor catering by Cinnamon Grand

March 2013| 430 views

Export Cinnamon Grand’s indulgence to any location you desire and ensure your event has first class service and culinary excellence. Be it a private soirée, an exclusive event, an afternoon BBQ, a kiddie’s birthday or a fusion feast, Cinnamon Grand’s outdoor catering team will make it outstanding.

In keeping with the team’s promise of indulgence – ‘Whatever you want, whenever you want it’ – the Grand’s Outdoor Catering affords five star services in the comfort of your own home, or destination of choice, without compromising on quality. The service allows you to choose from a selection of different menu options to fit your budget, prepared freshly in accordance with international standards, which will then be delivered to the event and served with superior on-site service.

The service offers a wide range of cuisines such as BBQ, Mongolian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Western, Moroccan, Seafood, Thai, Fusion, Continental, Italian, Pakistani, Mexican, American, Chinese and Kiddies party special. It also has a team of professionals to guide you through the planning process and execution of the event, including a testing session, should you wish to add a touch of grand expertise.

On the foundation that every event is unique and every moment precious, the Cinnamon Grand team provides add on hire options such as tents, music, dance troupes, kids play equipment and a magician. This is in addition to offerings of cutlery, crockery, glassware, tables, chairs, linen and flowers.