Australian singer Hayley Grace performs at Hilton Colombo

June 2013| 421 views

Hayley Grace

Hayley Grace

The accomplished Australian singer/songwriter and TV presenter performed at the Hilton Colombo’s Thorana Lounge. She sang a variety of pop, jazz and hip hop songs backed by Sri Lanka’s very own local bands.

Hayley, who has also won first place in the Female Solo Section at Queensland Youth Music Awards and has modeled for many famous brands, includes a mixture of retro hits in her repertoire. Some of the bands and artists Hayley covered in her performances are U2, Phill Collins, Cold Play and Jewel among others. In 2010 and 2012 Hayley Grace was also a host/presenter for the Music Oz Awards.

In keeping with its stylish and contemporary theme, Thorana Lounge transformed into a Martini Bar during the evenings. It offered a sophisticated “after dinner” experience for those wishing to spend some time enjoying one of the award winning cocktails served at the Lounge.