The launch of ‘The Call of Wild Sri Lanka’

March 2014| 342 views

Minister Basil Rajapaksa taking a look at the book—“The Call of Wild Sri Lanka”

Minister Basil Rajapaksa taking a look at the book—“The Call of Wild Sri Lanka”

The Call of Wild Sri Lanka by Priyantha Talwatte, a faithful account of the author’s experiences in the wildlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka, was ceremonially launched with the presentation of a copy of the book to Basil Rajapaska, Minister of Economic Development. 

The book, comprising of 138 pages, offers detailed encounters in the wild, accompanied by rare pictures of awe-inspiring moments at key wildlife sanctuaries across the Island.

The firsthand experiences narrated and captured by the author fill the pages and primarily feature the leopard, wild elephant and sloth bear.  Each picture captured relates a story that depicts the true nature and behaviour of these exotic animals in their natural habitat.

Consequently ‘The Call of Wild Sri Lanka’ draws a truthful and authentic depiction of Sri Lanka as a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Through the author’s narratives, a rich biodiversity, key wildlife habitats across the Island and the high frequency of sightings of these large mammals are conveyed. While the pages are primarily dedicated to the three big mammals and their interactions, the book also provides a brief glimpse into other wildlife that inhabit these sanctuaries.

The book is a result of the author’s desire to instill a sense of responsibility and urgency, to protect these treasures of the wild for future generations. In the author’s own words, “long live wildlife, wild places and our wild memories. Ultimately the call of the wild is actually the call of our own souls.”

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