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The lounge in the glow of the red lights

The lounge in the glow of the red lights

Overlooking the bustling city of Colombo where people and vehicles scurry about and where tall buildings rise to meet the skyline, Clique presents an ideal getaway to revel in a scrumptious meal and a pleasurable evening set amidst a refined yet cozy setting.

Words Krishani Peiris Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Situated in the heart of Colombo at the Colombo Pharmacy building, Clique embodies a striking contrast to the ever boisterous city outside, with its soothing ambience and design. The latest venture by Cantaloupe, this unique expanse spread across two floors and is arrayed with a fine dining restaurant, namely The Supper Club, and a lounge on the upper floor while the lower floor accommodates a private dining area named The Boardroom. “Many assume that the word Clique has a negative connotation,” said Dmitri Jayasuriya, Founder/CEO of Cantaloupe reflecting on the inspiration behind the name of the restaurant. “But we took the positive connotation of Clique by saying that it is a place for like-minded people who share the same preferences in design, art, food and lifestyle to come together.”

A walk-in elevator, relaying a novel experience to guests, functions as the entrance to Clique where a small reception area extends a warm welcome. Beyond this space, the main restaurant arrayed to accommodate 50 guests in two, four or six seater tables showcase the attention given to impart a dining experience that is personalized as well as relaxing.

The theme that pervades Clique is described as ‘Techy Baroque’ by the dynamic team behind its creation where elements of baroque architecture and designing are fused with bright LED lighting, modernist wallpapers and other contemporary compositions. Further, traces depicting the essence of the Sri Lankan heritage could also be seen imbued subtly into the prints of the wallpaper that run along the length of the walls as well as in other trimmings. A small bar area stacked with a choice of wines is further located at the Supper Club and offers a view of the fast changing face of the city of Colombo.To the other corner of the restaurant a cosy sofa, silver in colour, allow guests to sit back and unwind while taking in the vista comprising of the Town Hall that stands apart gleaming in white in the darkening surroundings.

A flight of stairs takes one to the floor below where the private dining room, The Boardroom, styled yet again in dark hues and ‘Techy Baroque’ is located. Ideal
for a corporate gathering, though not limited, clients have the flexibility to have the room decorated and customised according to their liking to depict either their chosen theme or company. Further, screen panels mounted on the wall allow guests to display relevant details such as logos of the gathering and this facility is extended to the Supper Club as well. Able to accommodate nearly 50 people, the room gives the exclusivity and the privacy needed to host a select audience.

The preparation of cuisine at Clique takes on a different approach as sous-vide or ‘under vacuum’ method of cooking is utilised to cook a dish ‘evenly’ preserving the succulent nature and the scrumptious taste of the food. As such the menu of Clique includes prime dishes that combine oriental, Sri Lankan as well as western cuisine emphasising a fusion spread where steaks, sushi, rice, a range of sauces and much more are available to select from. The signature dish at the restaurant is named Clique Rice where Paella, a rice dish from Spain, has been adopted to suit the Sri Lankan pallet by adding chicken curry, spices and vegetables. Further a range of beverages are also available for selection and guests can enjoy a relaxing evening where they can indulge in some delectable dishes along with a beverage of their choice. Afterwards if they choose to they can head over to the lounge to enjoy some music.

Blending the touch of sophistication with elegance and splendour, Clique has already managed to capture the hearts of those who walk into its embrace making the space a popular refuge for many.


505, 5th Floor, Union Place,
Colombo 2

Tel: (+94 72) 421 8164