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Careems at Hilton

Careems at Hilton

The mesmerising sapphire beaded necklace, which stood apart in its elegance and intricate design beckoned me to indulge in its beauty as I walked into Careems. Blue sapphires, arrayed perfectly to three strands united with a stunning tsavorite and diamond beaded pendant of a butterfly, boasted of the remarkable craftsmanship of this age-old jeweller. 

Words Hansani Bandara  Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

AM A Careem Jewellers has a proud legacy in jewellery that spans more than 100 years. Being one of the oldest jewellery makers in the country, the jeweller traces back its roots to 1890, when A M A Careem, Founder, embarked on a journey to create a gem and jewellery venture in his hometown—Galle—to cater to the European Ocean Line travellers. Several years later, with the emergence of Colombo as the new commercial capital of the country, the company’s second showroom was opened at the Victoria Arcade Building in Fort in 1932.

Envisioning a boom in the tourism industry, Careems took another leap by opening their first hotel showroom in 1970 at the Browns Beach Hotel, Negombo followed by an exclusive showroom at the Hilton Colombo in 1987, which became their flagship showroom earning widespread acclaim for their exquisitely designed jewellery.

Over the years, Careems has expanded their horizons by establishing their presence in the international market. And as such during the last two decades, Careems has represented Sri Lanka in international gem and jewellery exhibitions such as, the International Jewellery Tokyo Show, Basel World Watch, Clock and Jewellery Show – Switzerland, JCK Las Vegas Show and the Shanghai International Gem and Jewellery Show.

Proceeding to the store at Hilton, one would be engrossed in the elegantly handcrafted jewellery—from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings for both men and women—all displayed in a showroom that complements and enhances their beauty. Such exquisite fashion pieces that boast of the artistry of contemporary jewellery design blissfully show how the world’s highest quality gemstones and precious metals are fused by immaculate craftsmanship to give birth to dazzling jewels.

Departing from a mundane showroom setting, the boutique at World Trade Centre emanates a secluded yet charming ambience, which perfectly brings out the beauty of the plethora of earrings, rings, bracelets, ornamental jewellery pieces and glamorous necklaces set with lustrous gemstones and diamonds contoured into unique designs.

Diamond and gem studded necklaces and bracelets—all in their unique styles exude opulence and await the indulgence of discerning jewellery lovers. Most of such masterpieces are made with the artful fusion of sapphires, sparkling diamonds with white gold or platinum. Hence, each piece enunciate Careems’ commitment towards quality and distinctiveness in terms of design.

All jewellery pieces in the showrooms are modern, contemporary and has been handcrafted accordingly portraying the latest international trends. As such two collections, ‘Celebration’ in 2011 and ‘Ti Amo’ in 2014 were launched respectively, presenting novel jewellery designs for their treasured clientele. ‘Celebration’ consists of ornaments crafted using Swarovski genuine gemstones while ‘Ti Amo’ features an array of captivating diamond jewellery.

“When sketching our designs we focus predominantly on the aspects of modernity and wearability. We want our customers to enjoy and cherish the jewellery they buy from us,” says Sherzard Careem, Managing Director of A M A Careem Jewellers. “The specialty of Careems is the customisation of jewellery where a particular set is made exclusively for a customer on request.”

The customer is given the opportunity to share his or her ideas with the designer, upon which a sketched design is produced immediately to the assent of the customer—yet again departing from the norm of walking into a showroom and purchasing an item of jewellery that has already been made.

Jewellery has always been considered a luxury that portrays grace and grandeur. As such the designers at Careems strive to create pieces that emanate elegance and style in every aspect. At Careems, it is more than just buying jewellery; it is about fulfilling the desires of the heart.


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Colombo 1

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