Sky Lounge Spins To Greater Heights With DJ Ruki Dole From Chicago

June 2014| 170 views

DJ Ruki at the Sky Lounge

DJ Ruki at the Sky Lounge

At the top most floor of The Kingsbury offering a bird’s eye view of Colombo City, the Sky Lounge is a place to unwind. Since of late, it has also transformed to be a hangout to enjoy the tunes spun by DJ’s or live music bands.

The Sky Lounge hosted a night of music adventure with DJ Ruki Dole, who has earned repute in the Chicago party circuit. DJ Ruki has also spun for internationally acclaimed music artistes. 

Having DJ Ruki over at the Sky Lounge was an experience for the party fans. The management of Sky Lounge noted that this would be the beginning of many more exciting night events to be held at The Sky Lounge. The Sky Lounge now also ventures to become one of the most sought after nightlife boosters, catering to a select and discerning clientele.