A Treat for Your Senses

July 2016| 372 views

The elegant exterior of Royal Indulgence Spa

The elegant exterior of Royal Indulgence Spa

Royal Indulgence Spa is an imposing black façade on Galle Road. Synonymous with Ayurvedic creations this store-cum-spa’s grandeur is apparent even from its exterior.

Words Nawya Ponnamperuma

The soundtrack of flowing water and woodwind instruments blends perfectly with the pleasant aroma that runs throughout the spa. On arrival a large bowl of Nelum flowers symbolic of a warm welcome greets you. From the spa’s setting to the barefooted staff everything about this spa seems true to itself and composed. Exactly how royalty should be.

The Royal Indulgence Spa, located in the business-tourism hub of Colombo, gives an enhanced spa experience within the premises it self. Ayurvedic practices at this spa evoke the romance of Old Ceylon in many creative ways.

The velvet carpeted mid-section holds the famous majestic throne, where one may feel as royal as desired. At Royal Indulgence Spa it is not merely about purchasing products, rather experiencing its background and roots.

A full collection of all Spa Ceylon’s creations sits on the many shelves that are intricately designed with motifs. A section dedicated to elevate one’s lifestyle features numerous inventions along with an Aroma bar. The perfumed liquids are so captivating and pleasing to the senses; the charming White section that has facial cleansers, tonics and more is striking.

The in-house Ayurveda doctors and therapists are around to consult and they guarantee the safety of all lotions, balms and liquids, made in a manner suitable for modern consumers. The premium ranges such as Sleep or Distress are made in a way that helps the user relax and unwind.

Another range that is difficult to miss when walking through the store is the Palace Art Inspired Collection, which boasts of colour and eye catching embellishments. It adds to the fact that Royal Indulgence Spa is the epitome of a gifting shop.

The sombre ambience of the spa

The sombre ambience of the spa

The Science of Balance that is Ayurveda plays an obvious and vital role in the spa. Thus, the Pure Ayurvedic Section digs deep into one’s body and offers care for all three Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Dosha is believed to be unique blends of mental, physical and emotional characteristics. An interesting look-through will make you stumble upon the perfect match for yourself.

A walk past the counter and up the stairway leads to the Spa, where anyone in search of a pampered time will not be disappointed. A spacious couples room with a petal infused bath, two beds and simple yet elegant décor instantly puts you in a tranquillised mood. Trained professionals conduct foot treatments, full body massages, and much more. The inevitable calmness of the smaller Ayurveda rooms, two facial rooms and foot massage area are all complimented by the soothing tunes, and Ayurvedic equipment such as herb filled cushions. The dark ambience allows its clientele to have the maximum amount of privacy and relaxation when unwinding to the spa’s rituals and traditions.

Royal Indulgence Spa is for anyone in search of a pampered time or anyone in search of giving their loved ones something pleasant. The ambience and all its services come together to create a feel of royalty and a unique experience.

103, Galle Road, Colombo 3;
(+94 11) 233 7111