ODEL’s ‘At Leisure’ Spring 2019 Collection, a nod to athleisure

March 2019| 139 views

ODEL’s ‘At Leisure’ Spring 2019 creations

‘At Leisure’ Spring Collection by Odel reveals a collection of stylish apparel suited for work, a walk or even a cocktail party, in comfort, confidence and style.

The collection rides on the zest of healthy and active living that has become an aspiration of the modern consumer. It weaves elements of sportswear into fashion, resulting in creations that almost nonchalantly reflect enthusiasm and power.

The collection uses fabrics most suited for the local weather: cottons, cotton rayon, crêpe and viscose dominate, while the dramatic use of mesh in some designs is intended to render a youthful exuberance.

Representing its take on exotic athleisure, ODEL’s Spring 2019 Collection pays attention to detail in the types of trims used to enhance everyday outfits to iconic pieces that reflect a passion for life and strength of body and mind. This is achieved through silhouette fits, floral and exotic prints, cuts, sew details and play with zestful colours including shades of red, pink, maroon, blue, yellow, lavender, mint, gold, lilac, green and orange.   

‘At Leisure’ is inspired by international designers such as Sandra Mansour, Victoria Beckham, Troy Sport, Josie Natori, Red Valentino, and Burberry who have also incorporated the concept of ‘athleisure’ into their collections.

“Our Spring 2019 collection is focused on showcasing the influence, fitness and healthy living has on fashion, while encouraging healthier lifestyles,” said Desiree Karunaratne, Group Marketing Director, Softlogic Holdings, the parent company of ODEL. “There is a fast growing trend among our consumers who are now opting to live fitter and healthier lives. With our specially curated ‘At Leisure’ collection, we hope to cater to that customer segment that is aware of the importance of the balance between one’s physical, mental and spiritual health, while at the same time inspiring more consumers to adopt this trend which focuses on comfort and freedom.”

The theme of the collection also runs through ODEL’s jewellery selection, with emphasis on elements such as tassels, beads, and embellishments. The floral and exotic motifs can also be found in the store’s matching home collection.