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The mesmerizing sun rise is almost like a painting and the sounds of the waves crashing has a rhythmic lull. The beach is tranquil with only nature’s sounds accompanying you. Whisky Point is the secluded beach in Arugambay away from the daily routine of life.

Words Udeshi Amarasinghe. | Photographs BT Images.

Situated in Urani, Pottuvil about ten minutes away from the main town of Arugambay, Whisky Point is a peaceful stretch of beach that is far away from village life. It is not busy or crowded but is a laid-back area where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the ocean undisturbed. There are no boats or other contraptions to be seen, leaving the entire place to visitors.

With proximity to two surfing points, Whisky Point and Pottuvil Point, the waves provide the ideal recreational activity for those who

love the sea. Depending on the conditions of waves, the surfing points would be ideal for those who are amateurs to more experienced surfers.

While Pottuvil Point is named after the location, there is no definite origin for the name Whisky Point. One could only imagine that the name arose from the Tamil term ‘whisekey’, which means swirling as the seawater literally swirls around the rock outcrop. You can either bask in the sun or watch the activity below comfortably perched on top of the rock. It is also possible to have sea baths near Whisky Point as the waves draw in near the rocks creating a pool.

There are various types of hotels along the beach stretch at Whisky Point, most with ocean views. The beach is such a secluded area it could easily be considered as a private beach where guests staying at these hotels can enjoy and relax.

Visitors can enjoy long walks along the beach and also witness the many birds in the area. The East Coast being an elephant country, during early evening, elephants are known to come into the area. Thus, visitors can enjoy a night safari where elephants can be witnessed on the road. Excursions to the Kumana or Lahugala National Park as well as to historical places such as Magul Maha Viharaya are ideal too as these areas are not crowded.

Furthermore, if visitors wish to explore cultivations such as organic gardens and select their own produce for their meals, this could be done too. Whisky Point has many activities to keep you engaged.

But if you simply want to enjoy the beach and the ocean, then Whisky Point provides the ideal getaway. Whisky Point is pure seclusion and tranquility in the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka.