A Sweet Experience

A sweet spread

Traditionally, sweets would follow an event that may take too long a time to wait around for, which is why in Sri Lanka certain sweets are an everyday delectable that people enjoy all year round. By Sonali Kadurugamuwa | Photography...
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Arugambay Surf Resort: Feel The Nature

As we step into this beachside guesthouse, we are greeted by a friendly “hello”. Cabanas, complete with thatched roofs, stand on one side, while we are led into an open restaurant overlooking the Eastern coast...
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Something for Everyone:a walk down Gandhara Street

Ad ornamental mask

Gandhara Street on Stratford Avenue is a lifestyle concept, fashioned to appeal to the most discerning of shopper. It is the kind of place that is meant for indulgent and languorous browsing through its winding stores...
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