July, 2014

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It’s Time For Arugam Bay!

Catching the waves at Arugam Bay Point

I buzzed everyone to wake up as it was 5.30 in the morning and I wanted to catch the morning sun rising. Grumbling they followed me to the beach....
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A Taste That Remains…

Scrumptious Kalu Dodol in the making...

The hands that gripped the large wooden ladle strained continuously, stirring the concoction that seemed to thicken as time inched by—minute by minute, hour by hour....
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Sacred Bonds

For Hindu Tamils, marriage is a holy event to be celebrated with glory and distinction....
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Through The Fields Of The VADDAKKACHCHI FARM

Battling the hard earth

Battling the hard soiled earth and the harsh dry climate unique to Northern Sri Lanka, cultivation in Vaddakkachchi is by no means a smooth sail....
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A Fisherman’s Tale

The gates to the Yala National Park were just ahead and a small byroad on the right led to the little cove beyond....
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The NUTMEG Mystique

THE BASE: The trunk of the nutmeg tree

No cake is complete without its aroma, no biriyani fit for a Mogul Emperor without its flavour, no choice curry or dessert worth its name without its sweet and spice, without the wafts of its mystic fragrance. It is the...
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Hotel Topaz Shines Anew

The view over the pool

Poised along an elevation peering across the enchanting landscapes of Kandy, Hotel Topaz pulls all the stops to indulge guests. Since last year the Hotel has progressively embraced novel concepts and finer touches to invariably assure a memorable stay. ...
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Setting The Trend At The Curve: Tapas, Bar, Music

Jamon Bruschetta

Creating an ambience of cosy familiarity while maintaining a chic and trendy atmosphere, Curve is the latest tapas, drinks and music lounge in the heart of Colombo....
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Escape To 
The Other Corner

To lounge beside the pool

True to its name, The Other Corner reveals itself to guests like a well-kept secret. While comforts await discovery, the first impressions are of nature’s soothing greetings. ...
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4×4 Expedition Along The East Coast

Venturing along varied terrains

A seven-day long 4X4 Expedition is set to take on uncharted territories of the East Coast, setting off from Point Pedro in Jaffna. An undertaking of the Commando Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army, the planned schedule commences on August...
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