January, 2011

Batticaloa by the Waters

Fishermen casting nets by the Bar Road where the lagoon meets the sea

Welcome to the City of the Singing Fish, declares the archway that waves us into Batticaloa town. The town itself traverses the lagoon and seems to be its governing feature at each turn. Situated at the east coast, the brackish...
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Girihandu Seya: Rising Above The Eastern Skies

The silhouette of the stone pillars of the vatadage

  If there was a path to paradise, I would assume that this was it, higher and higher we climbed until we reached the landing… surrounded by the eastern sky and the panoramic view, stood Girihandu Seya as a testimony...
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Shades In Colombo

In its heart there lie many escapes, pathways of quiet and groves of shade. These short walks or drives within patches of nature relieve the mind from a city of the mundane. ...
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Ruwanweliseya: The Gem Of Sanctity

Seeking solace in Dhamma, the vast stone podium provides an ideal platform for meditation

Standing majestically in the hallowed precincts of the Anuradhapura Sacred City is the Swarnamali Stupa, the emblem of sanctity, blessed with the presence of the Buddha and venerated by gods, great kings and Buddhists for over centuries and beyond. Words...
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Kebithigollewa: Painting The Picture

Once unknown and unheard of, Kebithigollewa rose to fame one morning not so long ago… Though years have passed, to many Kebithigollewa remains a mere name of a village without a face. Hence, we drove all the way up there,...
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The Bullock Cart: Sustenance To Life

A procession of bara karaththa

Though now a symbol of simple country living and an almost extinct sight in even the smallest towns, the bullock driven cart has a past simultaneously illustrious and commonplace, embedded in Sri Lankan life. Words Dinali Sugathadasa Photographs BT images...
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Kandula: The Warrior Elephant

“Foremost in strength, beauty, shape and the qualities of courage and swiftness and of mighty size of body was the elephant Kandula,” is written in Mahawamsa. Hence, the name Kandula is synonymous with great elephants of the times gone by,...
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Paradise Road Design Ware House: Pieces Of Eternity

  Turn in from a bustling Ward Place into a faraway land, where temple trees and furred palms adorn a haven of ancient quaintness. Once you’ve been acquainted with the life-size Tang horses and the giant rustic jars at the...
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A journey Of Delight

Flipping through the pages of this book of sumptuous recipes is indeed a delightful experience in which one comes across a spread of traditional Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine supplemented by a good deal of Western goodies. The epicurean journey...
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Romafour: Riding The Fashion Wave

Words Suharshi Perera Photographs Menaka Aravinda Fashion has strings attached to it. Trendy, upbeat and haute couture all in its store, romafour has something to offer everyone who steps in. With its seasonal ‘Get red to go’ collection receiving an...
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