March, 2011

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All Walks Of Art: An Exhibition Of Contemporary Sri Lankan Art.


An unveiling, an advent of a contemporary culture in the art scene, pieces by the best of Sri Lankan artists and an international exhibition that will take the Sri Lankan spirit of ‘contemporary art’ to the world. ...
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Gal Vihara Etched In Stone

The majestic Samadhi Statue – Lord Buddha is seated under a framed arch, adorned with objects and symbols

Observing the four statues, housed at the Gal Vihara Rock Temple, from afar, we are overwhelmed by its sheer magnificence and charm. Hewn out of solid granite, each figure is deeply expressive and intricately carved, with their details elaborately and...
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Spotting The Wilpattu Leopard

The prince of the jungle – the elusive Wilpattu Leopard

It was February 17, 2011… a date that will be etched in my mind. Why? I saw the elusive Wilpattu LEOPARD! Yipee…...
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A Daily Dose Of Veggies


Contrary to the Sinhalese proverb, “ugurata hora beheth bonawa vage” – “as taking medicine on the sly to the throat” – intended to point out impossibility on a sarcastic note; would you believe me if I said this fact is...
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Level 39


I had never seen a sea look so static. It had the texture of a vast canvas waiting for an artistic touch. The ripples of waves could be visible at the shore but only just. The looming clouds threatened rain...
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Tracks In The Mist

The station halt’s name indicating its height above sea level

The fog held impenetrably heavy as we closed in. Heading uphill to Pattipola in the Central Highlands, we were in search of the highest summit railway station in the country…recalling my father’s memories of this place, I found that the...
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Raja Bojun:Simply Sri Lankan


Let your senses do all the talking as you enter through the restaurant doors into a spice-glazed fusion of native aromas. Although its buffet spread calls on your mouth to water, the setting within Raja Bojun does not go unnoticed....
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‘Dankotuwa’ For Artistry In Tableware


A perfect dining experience involves much more than purely recipes that tease the taste buds; the art of presentation plays an integral role in truly achieving it. Culinary art comes in handy in such a situation, yet for that touch...
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A City Within A City

The apartment complex

Imagine living next to your favourite shopping mall, in a place where you don’t have to brave the perils of the Colombo traffic every time you want to go shopping, a place where you can look out from the comfort...
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A Touch Of Italy And France At Clancy’s


A mélange of French and Italian cuisine and much more await guests at Clancy’s with the addition of a new restaurant to the establishment. The Clancy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant presents a combination of French and Italian dining, DJ music...
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