July, 2011

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Elephant Territory

A happytroop enjoying the soothing waters

The day was exceptionally beautiful with the cloudless luminescent skies setting the scene for an unforgettable Safari adventure, the perfect day for exploring the wild, and an audience with the well-known giants of Wasgamuwa National Park...
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“HARO HARA”: Festival Time In Kataragama

The fire walking ceremony, Kataragama; pilgrim stepping onto hot embers

Every year in the month of July or August, Kataragama throbs with life. A site of pilgrimage for all faiths, this city located in the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, is always crowded but during the annual festival it becomes...
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The Shimmering Sands Of Manalkadu

The vast expanse of sandy landscape

The bright afternoon sky hung heavy upon the pale golden sands that reflected its wild luminescent light and the heat of the sun. Spread across acres before our eyes was what resembled a semi-desert heightened by the presence of a few...
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Rippling Rhythms Of Life

Life around the Kandy Lake

A little girl pranced about the pavement while her father watched her fondly. An ice cream seller and an achcharu (fruit pickles) seller stood nearby eagerly awaiting business. ...
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Hot Hot Sambol

An array of of sambols; 1-Lunu miris, 2-seeni sambol, 3-coconut sambol, 4-biling (bilimbi) sambol, 5-kunisso (sprat) sambol, 6-winged bean sambol, 7-radish sambol, 8-nelum ala (lotus root) sambol, 9-kohila ala sambol (Location: Nuga Gama, Cinnamon Grand)

It’s a dish that is often noticed only by its absence. It doesn’t get the same attention that more flamboyant dishes do, but without that tangy dish of coconut sambol or lunu miris, would milk rice or hoppers ever taste...
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Unique… Private… Timeless

The timeless style of Paradise Road The Gallery Café

What would one appreciate, like, want or desire while vacationing in a paradise island…. nothing less than paradise, I would assume. The foamy waves of the ocean settling one’s mind into a quaint daydream or indulging in fresh cuisines that touch...
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Venturing Into The World Of Cricket

IMG_9547 copy

  Will anyone who was watching that night forget? It was the semi final of the 1996 World Cup cricket tournament between India and Sri Lanka, played at Eden Gardens in Calcutta. Batting second, India started well, but rapidly lost...
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Mlesna:The Best of Blends

The entrance of the store with the large Mlesna tea pot

Mlesna’s latest tea centre is alive with beams of bright light that fall on the neatly arranged minute porcelain elephants and tea pots, making them glisten, and instantly transports you into an era of colonial tea estate bungalows of long...
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ODEL:Choices In Lifestyle

ODEL, The Department Store, Colombo

Sri Lankan shoppers can look forward to exciting times. Odel, the well-known fashion and lifestyle store is expanding its network of stores and gearing up for the summer months. Shoppers in Kandy now have the chance to check out merchandise...
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Ayura:Flawless Elegance

Some of the exquisite pieces of jewellery displayed at Ayura

  Although tucked inconspicuously away along one of the busiest roads in Colombo, simply stepping into Ayura acquaints one with the enormous presence of opulence and splendour that the exclusive jewellery store radiates. Words Haseena Razak Photographs Indika de Silva...
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