October, 2011

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Tannivelle Devalaya: A Symbol Of History Entwined With Sanctity

A few passersby stand at the entrance to the sacred Tannivelle Devalaya

At the threshold of a quiet suburb lies a spiritual sanctuary enveloped with mysteries and historical memories of a legendary Prince and his gallant white horse; ...
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Open Your Eyes To Colombo

Galle Face Green

There was a time when the beauty of Colombo was hidden from the naked eye. We reminisce about the days when the city was green, the lakes were clear and the ornate architecture of the buildings could be appreciated. ...
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Artisans Of Kotabakina

Piece of wood taking the shape of a spoon

The woods were silent. The clay houses mimicked the silence and the quiet dignity of the woods. A sultry breeze lulled the heat of the day. ...
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Capturing The Persona Of Sri Lanka

A silhouette of Medirigiriya captured at dawn

One of the country’s foremost photographers, Nihal Fernando, has combined a true artistic gift with a passion for conservation of Sri Lanka’s heritage and natural resources. ...
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Wellawatte Beachside Stroll

Silhouette of people making memories

Wellawatte, ‘Wella’ meaning ‘sea sand’ and ‘Watte’ meaning ‘garden’, has a getaway back door from its bustling city work and living, into a wonderland of oceanic charm. ...
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Jumbo Babies

“Thanks for the milk. It’s time to head back.”

A roly-poly elephant calf eagerly sprinted through the open wooden gate into the feeding area of the Elephant Transit Home. Her more dignified companion sauntered through the gate swaying elegantly. ...
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Nai Natavana Minissu

Anthony plays to a mesmerised audience

The old man holds the flute to his lips. He blows the first notes and what appears to be a glistening silver rope glides across his shoulders. He looks frail but his fingers are steady as he continues to play....
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Sri Lankan Delights Made Easy

Ready to eat; a dish of tempered bean curry and Ambul Thiyal

A few innovative tweaks and tips while preserving the authentic flavours and nutritional value allow two traditional dishes to find its way into a busy lifestyle. ...
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Wild Grass: Retreat Into Nature

One of the bedrooms

Waking up in the downy-soft luxury of your bed to the sounds of myriad different birdcalls, a splendid view of lush jungle vegetation and perhaps a glimpse of strutting peacocks or even an ambling elephant is an unusual yet wonderful...
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Speed Drome: A Big Thrill

0 copy

As we entered the Speed Drome premises the intense hum of go-karts speeding on the racing track greeted us. A group of youngsters were practicing on the track while their friends cheered them on from a safe distance....
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