December, 2011

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Supatipanno Bhagavato Savaka Sango: A life by example

1)	Daily mail: Podi Hamuduruwo reads one of many letters sent to the temple citing grievances of a varied nature

Just 16 years old, Podi Hamuduruwo is handed the administrative running of the Temple. Still a student attending lessons he takes leave to conduct interviews and select learned priests for the pirivena...
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Ambuluwawa: A World Away

The climb that reaches the peak of the stupa

I am wedged in a narrow and winding stairway high in the sky. The pinnacle of a stupa is visible at the tilt of my head, however, not much else...
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On The A32!

The Sangupiddy bridge

We were at a point where the land met the sea, two paths lay in front of us, one to Mannar island and the other to Jaffna via Pooneryn and Sangupiddy Bridge...
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Sorabora We Saw!

Boats stationed at the embankment of Sorabora Wewa

Its still waters lay rippling lazily oblivious to the many keen gazes upon it and the frenzy of activity caught in the air...
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One of the tunnels of the Bogala mines that seem to lead into a black abyss

Cramped in the small space occupied by six people, a sense of foreboding came over us as we stood there waiting. A sudden clunk and the journey had begun...
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Designs of a Lifetime

Kirthi dressing a bride during the early stages of his career

At a time when fashion designing as a career for a man was unheard of in Sri Lanka, Kirthi Sri Karunaratne had unwittingly created his very first sketches that changed his life forever...
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Paradise Road: A Timeless Journey

The objets d’art at Design Ware House

The striking black and white stripes of Paradise Road against the white washed walls of colonial houses...
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Sun, Sand And Surf…

Tourists stroll along the Unawatuna beach lined with restaurants and guest houses

The salty sensual sea lures most of us with its magic. Whenever we are near its fascinating presence we become youngsters, blithe, fun loving, carefree beings of the sun. Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa will do just that......
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The First Abode of God Skanda

1)	Groups of pilgrims gather at the banks of Menik River. The surrounding trees offer landmarks for individual groups

Vows fulfilled or vows to be made, great numbers throng Kataragama, a deeply spiritual region held in veneration by those of all walks of life and varied faiths....
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‘Tis The Season

‘Tis definitely Christmas with a mouthwatering Mince Pie and scrumptious Chocolate Roll

It’s that time again for all those delightful dishes we look forward to the whole year! Keeping the festivities in mind, ...
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