May, 2012

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Taking To The Skies


I am strapped in, my feet on rudder pedals, hands on the yoke, and eyes on the runway...
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Temple’s Little Upasikā


She swayed impatiently at her customary spot at the temple...
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25 years: Explore Sri Lanka


A look back at the journey spanning a quarter of a century...
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A World Of Icy Delights


Blueberry, Mango, Fruit and Nut, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla...
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Bundala Unfolds


Scrub jungle, wetlands, lagoons, salt pans, sand dunes and beach...
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Hatti Mutti!


On an earthy brown earthen dish rested a ball of fiery red chilies...
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Mango Friends

Mangoes that grow in abundance in every region of balmy Sri Lanka

Streets lined with neatly-arranged piles of green fruit; knives slicing cleanly into the golden pulp within...
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A Link To The Past

The Heritance Tea Factory, nestled in the Hill Country

Stepping inside the lobby, you would be forgiven for not noticing the offer of a fresh cup of spice tea as you gape at the lobby’s many features...
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Wishful Dining

While the decor and furnishings lend a cosy comfort, the classic accents impart a sophistication to the restaurant

Stepping into Work In Progress (WIP) at the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct...
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Exquisitely Floral!

Bright and cheery

The soft pinks, purples, yellows and the stark radiant reds of the delicate petals ...
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