July, 2012

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25 Years OF Taste Timeless Style

An example of clean inimitable design characteristic of Paradise Road

From a little store down Flower Road in 1987, to restaurants, a chic city boutique hotel...
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The Island’s Fascinating World Of Snakes

Zara’s Hump-nosed Viper (Hypnale zara/Zara’s Mukalan Thelissa), coiled hidden amongst leaf litter waiting in ambush for its prey

Snakes were one of the revered groups of animals in Sri Lanka like nowhere else in the world...
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The Little Shore


A name that literally translates to ‘little shore’...
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Green Homes Of Our Past


The traditional rural home, made of clay earth walls and thatched roof...
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In The Shade Of The Palms

Thalsevana facing the Indian Ocean in KKS

Pristine white walls contrast beautifully against the clear blue sky...
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Kem: Curious Beliefs

“Not today ‘Balagiri’ come tomorrow”

Protective parents leave this message for...
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Adam’s Bridge: Beyond The Periphery

Closing in on the second sandbank of Adam’s Bridge

The overcast skies smothered the afternoon sun in a clump of cotton white clouds...
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Through The Grape Vine

A scrumptious looking bunch of grapes

At the bidding of the person who stood by the door that led to the small vineyard...
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Go Fly A Kite

The pulse of freedom

Isso vades, lovers, and ice cream abound at galle face green...
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‘Impressionen Aus Sri Lanka’: Sri Lanka In The Eyes Of A German Artist


Joachim Rex is a German artist, whose love for Sri Lanka has inspired him to capture his experiences...
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