October, 2012

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Enna Apen Ganna


We walked amongst the colossal carrots, earthy potatoes, rows and rows of freshly-picked chillies, shiny tomatoes and countless other locally grown veggies neatly stocked......
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Watch Them Grow


They shuffled and jostled along in their haste, one baby giant tailing the other led by the eldest, Kandula. Humans were an utter curiosity to them. ...
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A Day in the Past


Devotion of a religion, silence of a forest, the allure of nature, pride of a past, combined with the perfection of an art... What else would you need to travel through the time and live a day in the past!...
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Crush ‘n’ Grind


Millions of years ago a volcano burst in angry orange-red flames spewing forth a stream of thick lava. Exposed to acid rains, sunshine, air and a multitude of external forces, the lava cooled and solidified into phosphate rocks. ...
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Blessings of Harvest


He walked sturdily along the bund across the field, his head buried out of sight under the hefty bundle of mature paddy fresh from the field. ...
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Hotel Clarion: Repose In The City

The stately elegance of Hotel Clarion

Against the familiar tumult of a busy suburban wayside stands the unique white-washed structure towering high into the vibrant azure skies. ...
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A Feast to Behold

Akasa Kade

Beyond the innumerable miniature buildings and the turquoise sea, Colombo’s skyline was a blue patch tinged with soft white clouds. Dining at Akasa Kade and Raja Bojun is indeed an experience....
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Suriya: Traditional designs with a modern twist

A display of classically contemporary aesthetics

A cornucopia of exquisite artefacts, furniture and bric-a-brac fill every nook and corner of the store. Each item within its walls is exquisite and has been lovingly crafted to perfection....
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UK Urban Kitchen: Make Your Taste Buds Tingle

Once through those doors, one can get lost amongst the myriad of taste bud tingling dishes available

Fine aromas seeping through the doors lure you in, holding you a willing prisoner within the delightful aromas wafting in from the bustling kitchens of the Urban Kitchen. What greets you as you walk in through those large glass doors...
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Colombo Jewellery Stores launches corporate website

Brand Ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez and Akram Cassim, CEO – Colombo Jewellery Stores

Brand Ambassador of Colombo Jewellery Stores, Jacqueline Fernandez officially launched the brand’s new corporate website www.cjs.lk at its flagship store. The Sri Lankan born Bollywood Star has been the face of Colombo Jewellery Stores for the last three years and the website...
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