March, 2013

Page 1 of 512345 offers new way of shopping is a premium online supermarket which also offers a mobile version for smartphone users. They were the first to introduce mobile-based shopping in Sri Lanka with the 4.1 version android app which can be downloaded from Google play...
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Outdoor catering by Cinnamon Grand

Export Cinnamon Grand’s indulgence to any location you desire and ensure your event has first class service and culinary excellence. Be it a private soirée, an exclusive event, an afternoon BBQ, a kiddie’s birthday or a fusion feast, Cinnamon Grand’s...
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Off The Beaten Track In Kumana


It was not really the ‘season’ to visit Kumana, but I for one do not believe in seasons, as the best time to actually experience a place is when it is not overcrowded with people....
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A City Getaway

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Chirping of birds and the soft breeze stirring the trees while alleviating the heat made it almost impossible for me to believe that I was in Nugegoda...
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A Trail of Beauty


The cool high altitudes meant we had approached the central hills. However, before venturing along the scenic 18-hairpin road to Kandy...
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Ussangoda: Into The Realm Of The Surreal


The red and green landscapes rise and dip as in a dreamy meadow. Azure skies soar from horizon to horizon. I stand amidst the vastness, with a lingering feeling of my trifling existence. It is one of those places that...
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Lunu Dehi: a Friendly Zest


A little taste is all you will ever need. From that moment on, the mere mention of the name will surely titillate the taste buds. A whiff of it and you must surrender to its robust tang. A smidgen of good...
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Aruuugammm Bayyy!


I guess you cannot help but think of Bob Marley when you arrive at this coastal town in the East of Sri Lanka, if not for anything else but for the laidback atmosphere, music, food and of course the surfers......
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We Got The Beat!!!


Dara-rat-ta-da-dum… the beats of the drums rose and fell enfolding the Hikkaduwa Beach in its enchanting cadence. Foot tapping to the rhythm, I revelled in the gripping pulse of the drums as Elephant Foot set on an enrapturing musical journey....
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Great Lakes


The air shimmered with the gathering heat and after many days of rain, the sun was a welcome sight. Stepping onto the gravel road amidst these scorching rays, I gazed at the lake while the ripples playfully lapped at the...
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