March, 2014

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A cultural tribute to guardian deities

The inception of the cultural extravaganza

Hues of orange, yellow and crimson were making breathtaking patterns over the evening sky as we headed towards Alan Mathiniyaramaya....
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The Currying Flavour


To a Sri Lankan, life without karapincha would be insipid. The delicately fragrant leaf of the murraya koenigii, karapincha is one of the key flavours of Sri Lankan...
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Views From An Ancient Citadel


The Sigiriya Rock Fortress is no doubt one of the most awe-inspiring historical and archaeological sites of Sri Lanka. Attributed to King Kasyapa in the 5th Century...
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Jetwing Yala: A Concourse Of Two Worlds

The lounge area of Jetwing Yala,  a mellow ambience is created by illuminations encased within globes made of cane

Swaying gently in the swing chair overlooking the blue ocean, sparkling in the setting sun, I let my gaze wander... Over the ocean, over the sand dunes and over the lush greenery surrounding Jetwing Yala. In a heart beat I...
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The launch of ‘The Call of Wild Sri Lanka’

Minister Basil Rajapaksa taking a look at the book—“The Call of Wild Sri Lanka”

The Call of Wild Sri Lanka by Priyantha Talwatte, a faithful account of the author’s experiences in the wildlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka, was ceremonially launched...
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My Chequered Life


From the opening line, the voice of the narrator enters your mind. Trials and tribulations conveyed in candid evenness and peppered with humourous...
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More than just Fluff


It is a tree for all seasons. Typical to the tropics and subtropics, it is tall, but not so grand in appearance, yet, resilient to the vagaries of nature. The benefits though are manifold....
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The new auditorium of Fathima Muslim Ladies College unveiled

Students of Fathima Muslim Ladies College welcoming the President

Being firm believers that education is the best gift that could be given to children; ZAM Group of Companies spearheaded the noble cause of donating an auditorium to Fathima Muslim Ladies College in Colombo, thus fulfilling a timely need of...
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La Fiesta: A Taste Of Mexico

Inside La Fiesta...

Amidst the stately white facade, a door decked in wooden tones catches the eye. As the door opens, one can glimpse a flight of stairs draped in red and bathed in the soft glow of yellow light leading and disappearing...
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All for the Love of Art

Saskia and Annika Fernando

An ivory hued sculpture of a human figure holding a bird with a cage around his head—‘a unique portrayal of freedom’, was what I felt upon seeing it at the largest contemporary art gallery of Colombo, the Saskia Fernando Gallery....
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