May, 2014

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Crocodiles All The Way

A crocodile basking in the sun by the river banks of Mavadipalli Aru

A troop of eagles swarming the skies overhead where a small river ran under a bridge that lay over the road leading from Kalmunai to Ampara drew our gaze...
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Milk Hoppers Creamy And Milky Goodness

Parameswari exhibiting her culinary flair

A new day had dawned in Kilinochchi. Rays of sunlight were starting to gradually filter through the trees as we made our way to Naguleswaran Parameswari’s house....
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A Little Bit Of Dutch In Kalpitiya

The single entrance to the Kalpitiya Fort

Designed in 1666, the construction of the Dutch Fort in Kalpitiya was completed in 1676. As the entry point to the Puttalam lagoon, the Kalpitiya Fort was ......
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To Vakarai

Two fishermen carrying a fresh catch of fish to the karavala vadiya

It was but just another day as we sped along the Maradankadawala-Habarana-Thirukkondaiadimadu Highway heading towards Vakarai....
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…And To Ranthambhore We Went!

T-19 scouring the surrounding from the Hunting Palace

It was the Sinhala and Tamil New Year holidays and what better time we thought to explore the wilderness of the famed Ranthambhore of India where TIGERS roam......
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Look After Your Body…Look After Your Mind

Lyndon Mason, explains the connection of the body, mind and spiritual in Yoga

Drawn to the serene posture of Lord Buddha in the sitting position, Lyndon Mason was motivated to seek the reasons as to why the Buddha sat in this position and also for him to be able to do this posture...
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An Afternoon In Mullaiyadi

A warm greeting from the village kids

The evening breeze that blew across the village soothed us as we strolled on the gravel road. The silent ambience was playfully disrupted at times by the rhythmic tunes made by the Palmyrah leaves as they danced to the songs...
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A Venture Of A Different Nature

Five kilogram coir fibre pith blocks

The relentless din of the countless machines drowned out all other sounds. Stepping through, our curious gazes shifted from one person to the other, all busy, scurrying here and there, their deft hands completing each task swiftly....
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The one and only Upali’s for a true taste of Sri Lanka

The façade of Upali’s

The food trolley rolls up beside tables of anticipation. Warm servings of rice, steaming scoops of gravy and generous dollops of spicy curries emerge from containers....
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Whatever Studio: Quirky & Arty

The interior of Whatever Studio stacked with 
cushions, paintings and a myriad of other items

A sign that read ‘Whatever Studio’ piqued our curiosity and beckoned us in. What greeted our gazes within were a myriad of items that could only be described as unique and wonderful!...
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