August, 2014

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Arcade Independence Square: Revival Of Colonial Grandeur

The clock tower wing: the main entrance from Independence Square

As the clock tower chimes the echoes bounce off the high walls of the wing that surround the elegant spaces. Through the arched doorways, sprawling lawns...
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The Jumbo Babies Cometh

The jumbos go marching to bathe again hurrah hurrah!

One of the best places to observe elephants up close and in large herds that roam freely is at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage....
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One Bagful Of Kadju Please!

Kadju, the various shades of the apple denote how ripe it is

We were passing through Puthukudiyiruppu, Batticaloa, when makeshift stalls with bags full of succulent fruits caught our attention....
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Carlton Super Sevens Kick Off Rugger Feast

Royal Storm: Central Kings (yellow) vs North Central Typhoons

The ‘all local’ warm up tournament has been played. The players have been auctioned and sold to the highest bidding franchise owners. ...
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Flowers Divine: Nelum blooms from the tank to the temple

Bud and bloom: White and red blossoms amongst white buds (Photograph Lakmal Silva)

It is the flower of divinity born from the marsh. The thousand petal lotus that is the abode of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity. The flower that soars from the mire, held worthy to adorn the feet of the Buddha...
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In Search Of Bandagiriya

The newly renovated stupa and the age old one remaining at the top of Badagiriya temple

On we went passing paddy fields and narrow roads lined with houses in the quaint village of Bandagiriya... A way of life unfolds as we went in search of Yahangala and the Bandagiriya Raja Maha Viharaya that spoke of a...
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Elusive Prowlers Of The Night

Brown Hawk Owl

It was refreshing and mildly surprising to find the idyllic and pristine natural beauty of the Dodanduwa Lagoon, only a twenty-minute drive from the...
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Kalundewa Retreat: In The Arms Of Nature

Shrouded in trees, cast away amidst placid waters, or overlooking farming lands, the discreet dwellings make the best of its surroundings, their design a homage to nature’s benevolence. To immerse one’s self in the solace of nature, without the slightest...
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At 7° North

The strikingly stylish interior of 7° North by evening

The gentle green fluid in the tall glass has an effervescence that exudes a stunning sight. The taste of passion fruit, mint, apple and lime fused into a drink bring out the piquancy of the ingredients and the intensity of...
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Luv SL In Kandy

Elephants in varying postures and made of numerous materials take centre stage

As Kandy holds the attention of a nation and perhaps even beyond, Luv SL by Odel is all geared up to impart some handy souvenirs and mementos—some commemorating the Esala Perahera while others celebrating all things Sri Lankan. ...
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