January, 2015

Jungle Shrine Awaits First Papal Visit: Miracle Church Of Our Lady Of Madhu


Far from the madding crowd, set deep in the midst of the Mannar jungle and ringed in wild isolation, a shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary has been long......
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It’s Time For Jogging!


It was a clear day with sunny skies. Just the perfect weather for a brisk jog or walk to start the day! While looking for the perfect place to embark on my new found enthusiasm......
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Hikkaduwa Coral Reef: Sri Lanka’s First Marine National Park


Hikkaduwa has for long been the centre of sun, sand and surf in Sri Lanka and from the early days of tourism has been a popular stop for tourists travelling along the palm lined......
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Oil Rich Palm Groves Of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka discovered she held the secret of producing the world’s number two vegetable oil in the palm of her hand only in the late 1960s, when it was successfully shown that the......
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Flip Flopping To The Future

A pair of Gandys Flip Flops: Orphans for Orphans

Gandy’s Flip Flops is an unusual brand name resulting from an English catchphrase that Rob, one of the two English brothers who founded the company producing them, used one......
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Decorating Spaces With Passion

He was born in Cesena, a city in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. He is an Interior Designer by profession. His designs promise a lifestyle unrivalled in sophistication....
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The Crunchy Little Fish Of Wellawatte

I love to fish and have dropped a hook and line in many of the rivers, lakes, tanks (ancient manmade reservoirs), salt water lagoons and bays all over this lovely tropical island. ...
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