July, 2015

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Onwards to Bubula

Reflections of trees on the surface of the still waters

Bubula, one of the perennial springs of the country, lies nestled amidst the rustic village beauty and luscious paddy fields of Polonnaruwa....
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Sri Lanka’s Gram Awards


One thing’s for sure, Sri Lankans are nutty over peas. And see a world of good in a grain of gram. As committed pea poppers of the Munch Bunch, they go batty over giving the daily gram workout for the...
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Leopard Encounter


Yes, it was another long weekend and we were back in the safari jeep heading towards Kumana. This was definitely a safari to remember!...
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Red, Red Roofs


There’s nothing more striking than a red tiled roof against white wall and blue skies....
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By the waters of Handapanagala


Beyond the quiet pulse of the town and stretches of rural roads, a man-made reservoir marks an enigmatic presence as it extends across a panoramic landscape....
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In search of Gedige


Traversing through the sun dappled grounds of the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, we let our minds drift though the tides of time to a kingdom that once thrived in abundance and splendour......
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A modern take on heritage

Soft furnishings with a backdrop of ornamental adornments

When you step into Kalaya, it takes you on a journey of generations, where the story of culture and civilisation of the beautiful Island is portrayed in refined craft....
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For a Feel of Zest

A tranquil getaway

Citrus Waskaduwa exudes a sense and feel of grandeur as a tranquil haven for all those who step in through its doors. Photographs Mahesh Bandara Overlooking a beautiful beach strip of the Island, Citrus Waskaduwa, located a mere 36km from Colombo (just...
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Clearpoint Residences: The World’s Tallest Vertical Garden

Clearpoint Residences

Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Rajagiriya, Clearpoint Residences is slated to be Sri Lanka’s first sustainable high-rise and also the tallest residential vertical garden in the world. ...
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Shri Vani Vilas for pure Indian vegetarian fare

Clockwise from left: Jumbo naan, kadai paneer, paneer butter masala and stuffed capsicum

The pleasantly overwhelming aromas of ‘pure Indian vegetarian food’—as they call it—ushered us into the Shri Vani Vilas, which was buzzing with activity. ...
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