August, 2015

17th Century Accounts: Back In Time To The Kandy Perahera

The magnificent Kandy Perahera has been amply described in the English language, starting prematurely in 1681, as the Dutch ruled the maritime provinces and the independent...
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The Fruits Of Power

At this time of year, the avocado trees of central Sri Lanka are heavy with Rubensque fruit. Plump and luscious, they are a treat that visitors to Sri Lanka should not miss. ...
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for the love Of art

A veteran in the advertising industry of Sri Lanka, Lilamani Dias Benson, Chairperson of Lowe LDB sets her sights on an alternative creative expression....
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Homage To Shiva And Shakthi

Unlike the lively colours that distinguish kovils of Sri Lanka, the Sri Ponnambala Vaneswarar Temple is a regal structure, sculpted entirely of stone blocks and columns....
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Sri Lanka’s First Dalada

Mystery sights and sounds, miracle light shows, wild elephants keeping dusk to dawn vigil, even baffling reports of alien visitations continue to enthral thousands of pilgrims who throng...
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Solitude by the glistening waters

The evening light shimmered on the peaceful waters of the Kanchikudichchiaru Tank. Almost in a trance we walked towards its edge, ‘swish’ with one movement...
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Tales From Mathota

The sacred Bo tree, which provides shade to the compound

Situated in a quaint town in Mannar is the historic Mathota Rajamaha Viharaya, believed to have been a flourishing monastery long time ago....
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Absolute Ayurveda: the new face of traditional care

The reception at Absolute Ayurveda

Spa Ceylon, well known for its pampering and rejuvenating therapies, takes its Ayurveda based treatments to a whole new level....
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Domus designs: Where elegance finds form

The vibrant interiors of Domus Designs

Domus Designs is one of the best shops in the city to buy gift articles or ornaments that you otherwise wouldn’t find anywhere else....
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W15: A Novel Boutique Concept

The facade of W15

Amidst the fine sandy beaches of the Southern Coast, lies a contemporary abode of luxury and serenity, the ideal getaway for the perfect holiday experience....
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