February, 2016

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A glimmer of hope


The annual Navam Perahera pageant has been brightening the streets of Colombo since the late seventies...
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The green fields of Sri Lanka


There is more to the traditional Sri Lankan paddy field than meets the eye. Make a stop at the next one you see and...
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The long and winding road


The celebration of the 68th anniversary of Sri Lankan independence on February 4 recalls not only the lowering of the Union Jack in 1948...
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A walk through the streets of Maradana

Tower Hall  - the Mecca of Sinhalese drama

Each of Colombo’s 15 divisions is unique. Some are highly commercial, some are purely residential. Maradana stands somewhere in between...
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The sweetest of offerings


The words ‘Chathu Madura’ summon up ideas of purity, sublimity and sweetness. Few today can explain, however, what Chathu Madura...
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Bridging the gap


One of the many wonders of the railway journey between Ella and Badulla through the hill country of south-central Sri Lanka ...
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The icing on the cake

Chef Sadun with the gingerbread house created for Christmas (Photo: Vishwathan Tharmagulasingam)

Amidst the seductive aromas of the chocolate room at the Hilton Colombo, pastry chef in the making Sadun Sameera adds the final touches ...
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Material pleasures

The lightest of fabrics create a feeling of space and freedom

The whole world is a mixing palette for the European fabric designer, who finds his inspiration far and wide...
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Modern elegance in ancient Kandy

OZO suite

Kandy, known for its rich heritage, fanciful legends and temperate climate, is one of the most popular cities in Sri Lanka...
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Premier shopping at World Duty Free

A  whiff of Parisian class

Whatever the time of year, the World Duty Free stores in the arrival and departure terminals of Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) are full of activity...
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