April, 2016

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A Fragile Industry

The process of splitting the bark from the pith is time consuming

Along the road to Batticaloa is the village of Manampitiya. Laid out to dry on either side of the scorching road are long stems of cane, symbols of an ancient industry striving to survive....
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Cold Rush

Dappled, beautiful mountainscape viewed from Little Adam’s Peak

Ella, a hill station in the Badulla District, has become a buzzing tourist hub thanks to its climate....
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A Throwback to the Time of Kings

Despite the modern façade the cave temple has existed here for more than two millennia

Visiting a little-known but ancient temple in Avissawella, we surprised a hive of activity as the village prepared for a centuries-old festival...
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A Taste of Time Gone By

Vegetable ingredients, clockwise from top right: jackfruit seeds, mukunuwenna, cassava, string beans, raw rice, 
odiyal flour, tamarind, chilli flakes, salt and turmeric

Jaffna’s odiyal kool is so nutritious and filling, it’s a meal in itself...
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Heading Home

The road runs ahead with promise of adventure, excitement, and hopefully some elephants

The sun played on the Trincomalee-Anuradhapura Road. This 110 km highway runs straight, with almost no undulations, through an ancient land that is dry and arid....
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Jambu Jamboree

JUMBU 154N_fmt

Birds love it. Bats love it. Everyone from little children to grown adults love it. Take a bite of its crunchy flesh and you will know why it’s called the ‘love apple’...
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Hanuman at Home

The conspicuous white structure perched on a hill is visible from a distance

As the crowd rushed towards the object of their veneration, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was a celebrity they were so desperate to get close to. This was no superstar, but an icon hewed from granite, a statue...
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Temple of War: The Road to Andaulpotha and the Other Nagadeepa

Late afternoon over the Victoria Reservoir, with the golf course in the foreground and the dam in the distance

An ancient temple hidden in the jungle on the far side of the Central Highlands, its origins unknown and unexplored, and home to a dark force with the power to grant victory in war. ...
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Nine Stone Wonder

Navaratna ring in non-traditional setting

The lovely rainbow jewels of the navaratna transcend aesthetics and come alive with a purpose of their own. ...
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Emerging Voices 2016: Recognising Literary Talent

OppenheimerFunds has once again partnered with Financial Times on Emerging Voices Awards 2016 to reward outstanding artistic talent in emerging markets. ...
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