May, 2016

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Buddha Rashmi Pooja


Commemorating Lord Buddha’s teachings on the path to enlightenment, vibrant Vesak celebrations light up Colombo....
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Ripples on the Water: A History of the Beira Lake

“The Lake and the Slave Island from the glacis” by John Deschamps (1845)

A once busy lake is now a hub for recreation....
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Unduwal 101


Learn how to make the sweet swirls oozing with honey, a favourite of the old and young....
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A Temple on the Brink


Witness the architectural splendour of an ancient cave temple....
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Temple of Wisdom

The ‘navagraha’ or ‘nine planets’ to the right of the Maha Mandapam

A temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh on the sands of Vakarai....
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The City in the South, Where East met West


An exploration of Galle, a city open to change yet embracing its heritage....
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In good company

The main junction at Slave Island, where six main roads intersect

The story of ‘Slave Island’ and how it shaped the rich legacy of Colombo....
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The Steamed Custard of the Tropics


A mouthful of Sri Lankan culinary heritage at its finest. ...
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Jetwing Jaffna Opens its Doors

(L-R) Maithripala Sirisena, president,  Hiran Cooray, chairman, Jetwing Hotels; John Amaratunga, Ministery of Tourism Development and Christian Affairs; Reginald Cooray, Governer of the Northern Province

A 55-room addition to the Jaffna skyline has a great vision in mind....
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Lavish calm

The swim-up bar hut and winding pool

Heritance Negombo promises you rest, breathtaking views and five-star hospitality....
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