June, 2016

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@ Whisky Point


Whisky Point is the hotspot to ride waves, especially for amateurs and those learning to surf for the first time....
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Ketchimale Mosque


Ketchimale is not exclusive to Islamic devotees. It is one of those shrines, like Adam’s Peak, where all faiths come together....
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Weaving a Tradition

Weaving a simple design like this requires a lot of skill and effort

Henavala is known as the last bastion of hana weavers in Sri Lanka....
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Waiting to be Unearthed


The greatest treasures of the Sankapala Raja Maha Viharaya remain underground. ...
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Discovering Badulla


Sri Lanka’s most beautiful sights, waterfalls and heritage sites lie within Badulla’s boundaries....
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The Diversity of the Divine

The bronze Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

An account of some of Sri Lanka’s vibrant holy images that inspire the onlooker....
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Mouth-Watering Kadala


Boiled, stir-fried or devilled, chickpeas are a classic Sri Lankan street food....
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Serenity, Luxury and Romance at Amaranthé

A bird’s eye view of Amaranthe Bay

Amaranthé is dedicated to creating a memorable experience. With the best in luxury, friendly service and an environment full of serenity....
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The Best of Japan

Tatami rooms are popular amongst families

Naniyori has over the past five years steadily become synonymous with delivering quality and much loved Japanese food....
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A Journey Back to an Epic Era

Enter an era of opulence

Striving to give its clientele a taste of the colonial era, Clingendael Hotel excels when it comes to service, décor and atmosphere....
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