September, 2016

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The Spectacular Lives of Bee-eaters


Get to know this little, gem coloured bird up close....
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Kotmale Mahaweli Maha Seya: A Royal Dedication

Dominating the hills of ancient Kotmale is the newest giant stupa to be built in the country....
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Jaffna Market: a Bargain for Experiences

The evening sights and sounds at Jaffna market

Mix in with the exotic, colourful, fragrant chaos of the Jaffna Market....
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Uva Province: Where the Wind Blows


Nourished by the Cachan winds, Uva tea possesses a flavour and scent that has made it world renowned....
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“Something that Makes Me Happy”

Nelun with her friends all draped in her black and white saree collection at the fashion show

Each saree she made was a gratifying work of art for Nelun Harasgama....
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Built on Faith: the Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church in all its solemn splendour

The Trinity College chapel is a beautiful Anglican shrine- built in medieval Sri Lankan style....
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Raw, Red Earth


Ussangoda, Sri Lanka’s least known national park, is a fascinating mystery of nature. ...
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Dusk at a Fisher Hamlet

Experience the busy, cheerful camaraderie in a fishing colony as the sun sets....
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A New Spin on the Cricket Club Café

Brick walls honour legends and milestones

Cricket Club Café has a new identity: it’s bigger and better than ever....
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The Bake House Kandy

The colonial façade of The Bake House, Kandy

The 45-year old saga of an iconic bake shop. ...
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