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The Vintage Treasures at Hermitage

Hermitage is the place for the most unusual of objects

Hermitage is a creative space where one can find both relics of art and trinkets from across the world....
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Double XL Displays a Fashion Statement

The simple yet elegant façade of Double XL

Filled with glamour, style and elegance at Double XL is a celebration of curves....
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India À La Carte

A generous Thali that promises a passage to India

Unravel the intricacies of the thickly flavoured and vegetarian Indian cuisine at Thalis. It is a exotic taste experience....
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AVIC Astoria Unveils First Tower

Zhong Yuan, President of AVIC International Hotels Lanka

AVIC International Hotels Lanka launched AVIC Astoria’s Tower One....
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A Pillar of Strength for the Youth

President Maithripala Sirisena unveils the ceremonial plaque

The Sri Jinarathana Vocational Technical Training Institute in Seenigama is a promising light for the future of Sri Lanka. An establishment of the Gangaramaya Temple, the Institute empowers youth....
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Refreshingly Cold on a Hot Day

Creamy, colourful sundaes

Roots has captured a loyal patronage with its delicious range of fruit juices, ice cream sundaes and even health drinks; each a great fix for a sunny day in the tropics or for a quick energy boost. ...
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Kandoori for the Spicy Taste Bud

The signature dish – sawan served with flavourosme side dishes and complimentary watalappan

Savour the incredible spicy flavours of India and the exotic tangs of the Far East at Kandoori. It is a memorable taste experience that you will forever remember fondly....
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Opulence Through Diversity

Contemporary elegance

The latest collection by Lalitha Jewellers glitters with the legacy of artisans spanning centuries. It is a fusion of the East and the West, a mingling of styles both ancient and contemporary....
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Rowing down Bentota

Excitement through the mangroves

Discovering the mangrove-fringed river that is the gateway to the South...
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A Cup of Sunshine from Dimbula

Slopes cloaked in tea immersed in the mist of Talawakelle

The misty mountains of the Dimbula tea region, are home to tea fields that produce a cup of golden orange....
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