December, 2010

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The Dawn Of A New Era

Reciting of Jayamangala Gatha to invoke blessings on President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

November 19, 2010 marked the ceremonial inauguration of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s second term in office....
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Colombo The Views Unseen


Much loved for its laidback lifestyle, the milky waves of the sea that lap against the edges of the city...
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Towards Casuarina


Driving north from Jaffna town, we were directed towards the Western tip of the peninsula, when we inquired after the famed Casuarina beach....
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‘Sangili Palama’ Kosgulana Suspension Bridge

FEW AND FAR Sangili Palama

What I saw ahead of myself was a plank-laden bridge held together with iron suspension cables....
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In Search Of Kitul Hakuru

STORY Hakuru

We set off in search of a villager who made kitul hakuru – a type of jaggery prepared with the sap collected from the flower of the kitul or palm tree – a sweetener savoured over generations. At the very...
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In The Thick Of The Pettah Market

DROP BY Pettah Market

This must be the busiest part of Colombo. Approaching commuters deviate from their usual course of travel with a sense of urgency and the typical bazaar atmosphere overwhelms the vicinity. A staggering diversity and quantities of consumer goods are unleashed...
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Blossoms Of The Setting Sun…


Born of the setting sun, the Hibiscus comes abloom in hues of white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and a variety of intermingled dusky shades. A spritely ornament embellishing our yards all day long, she goes back to slumber by...
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Smouldering Art

CRAFT Wood Burning

Observing the intricate pieces of art on the wood from afar, I struggled to fathom its technique....
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Chilli Fever

ZING Chillies

Their colours vibrant and stimulating, the vibes rendered are sure to infatuate. Your presence of mind dwindles in the magnitude of their zest....
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Prenita Fashions Celebrates 40th Anniversary

EVENT Priyanthi

Incorporating a night of glitz and glamour, a gala fashion show took main stage at the celebrations. Media coordination: Glenda Parthipan of Emphasis See More  ...
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