February, 2011

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As The Perehera Unfolds


Clad in white sarongs, the whip crackers bear news of the approaching procession. Their announcement – brought on by the cracking of whips along the tarred road – is a bold and artistic expression. They are followed by fire jugglers,...
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Negombo To Kalpitiya: Beyond The Golden Mile


a breathtaking stretch of inland swamps, looking green and tranquil acres and acres of a calm and still whiteness of the Puttlam salterns. the calm blue sea, its obedient waves flapping against the golden shore bringing in deep sea treasures ...
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Madu Kanda Temple: Along The Trail Of History

Ancient ruins amidst the present day structures

Away from the Vavuniya town along the Horowpothana road is a little known temple, secluded quietly in a historic village– Madu Kanda....
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A National Treasure


A chronicle of a nation lies in stillness; invaluable records dating back from 16th Century Ceylon up to 21st Century Sri Lanka await within the Department of National Archives in Colombo to reveal their stories to the inquisitive explorer....
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Chandani Senevirathne: A Journey In The Limelight


A familiar face with a ready smile that has found its way to the hearts of many Sri Lankans, Chandani Senevirathne has a string of popular films and teledrama titles to her name. The characters she has portrayed have themselves...
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A Nation’s Pride

The Indipendence Square

Stories, from the time Buddha laid foot in Sri Lanka, to ones that portray the country’s ultimate rise to freedom, embed the spaces between the roof and the tops of the pillars. ...
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The Kada Panaha Story

Fresh vegetables for sale at Kada Panaha

Ever heard of Kada Panaha? Curious as to how this place came about, we inquired after its origins from a pioneer of the fifty shops known as Kada Panaha....
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Business Today TOP TWENTY 2009-2010


The Business Today TOP TWENTY awards ceremony was held on January 13, 2011 in the presence of Chief Guest, Basil Rajapaksa, Minister of Economic Development. The Guest Speaker for the evening was Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga. The Business...
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Spa Ceylon: A Unique Indulgence

Timber furniture with intricate wood carvings

Almost a year ago Spa Ceylon began its luxurious pampering treatments with seven spa rituals for the feet. From this foot spa, the treatments have progressively expanded and developed to a complete full service spa menu of over 30 unique...
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Kalundewa Retreat Into Nature


Nestling cosily between a ring of mountains, acres and acres of paddy, lakes and trees lies the beautiful Kalundewa Retreat sublimely blending in with the sights and sounds of nature; the perfect getaway from the bustling chaos of city living....
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