April, 2011

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Legging It Around Colombo

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  Stretching along Colombo’s busy streets, the neatly paved pathways are an invitation to walkers. Some of these just recently rebuilt or reopened, they run beside towering buildings, giant trees and open fields, each assuming a character of its own,...
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Keeping Track Of The Time

The traditional calendar - litha

The litha is the document that is consulted whenever customs are performed, whether at New Year or any other time throughout the year. It’s use provides an organised framework for the conducting of customs....
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Going Bananas!

Several varieties of bananas

    The banana fruit is not only the most consumed but also the most widely cultivated fruit crop in the country. A favourite among the locals, it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and tastes. A banana...
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A Sanctuary where Myth And Fact Combine

The paintings and the Samadi Buddha statue in the rock temple

Stepping out of the vehicle in the compound of the Asgiriya Purana Raja Maha Viharaya in Minuwangoda, Gampaha, and surveying the leisurely scene of the monks’ quarters, canopied by leaves and bathed in sleepy afternoon sunlight, I never expected the...
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Northward Bound: Elephant Pass


Almost sunset. A quiet, straight road. Silence, broken by the sound of an occasional bus roaring past. Its name board carries the legend; Jaffna – Vavuniya. The only other sounds are the crying of the birds and the noise of...
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A Way To Kallady

The clock tower roundabout at Batticaloa town

  A bullock cart rolled past, its driver bestowing a toothy smile at me. The lagoon glistened with the morning sun and smells of warm food and spices mingled in the air. Breakfast beckoned, and an inconspicuous little saivara kadè...
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Ambalama: A Stopover On A Journey


    Back in the days, journeys, pilgrimages and carters’ travels lasted weeks or even months. These long journeys were often by foot or by cart. Each carried his own provisions and stopped for rest at ambalamas; simple structures that...
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Chic Sophistication

A range of outdoor furniture

  The ivory white exterior and elegant lettering announcing Raux Brothers’ latest furniture store in the city, conveys an impression of stylish grace and acts as a precursor to the types of merchandise housed inside the building. Words Haseena Razak ...
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The Grand Oriental Hotel


  Adjacent to the Colombo Harbour, lies the stately Grand Oriental Hotel. Witness to a history of close to 200 years, it caters a unique aura of a resplendent past intermingled with the best of modern luxuries. Words Dinali Sugathadasa...
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Architect Fellowship Night 2011

Archt Chandana Edirisuriya and Dimithri Edirisuriya

The Fellowship Night 2011 of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) was a gala event. It was part of the 29th Annual Sessions of the SLIA titled, Architect 2011. Held under the theme of ‘red, orange, yellow and black’,...
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