June, 2012

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Colombo: My Home


I felt like a bird flying over the city, carefree, observing the happenings below...
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Hidden In The Wild


Rustles, squeals and perturbed trumpeting, but all we could glimpse were a few disoriented movements in the thicket...
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Kingdom of Nallur: A Timeless Discovery


The tinkling of bangles, the surreptitious music of melodic instruments...
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Rain Catchers


There are two reasons why someone in Colombo might carry an umbrella...
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Making Rainbows


Fine silks shimmer in soft colours, shades of pink...
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Navigating The 18 Hair-Pin Bends


The car zigzagged across the hair-pin bends with uncharacteristic ease...
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Trails Of Antiquity

The colourful temple under the rock arch

The unique little temple building stood tucked away under the large natural rock arch in all its grandeur...
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Tea: The World’s Green Gold


The discovery of tea dates back to 2737 BC when the Chinese Emperor ...
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Beauty Of Simplicity

Barefoot at the Dutch Hospital

Tucked into a corner of Colombo’s newest shopping precinct...
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Galle Face Hotel Celebrates Sri Lankan Hospitality

A picture depicting Galle Face Hotel during the colonial era

Its was born as the Galle Face House in the year 1864 to host the guests of the then Colonial Governor...
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