February, 2013

Simply Irangani

A veteran actress and a household name for generations past, she certainly needs no introduction. ...
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Nawam Maha Perahera: Colombo Comes Alive

It is a festival that is held annually to commemorate Nawam Poya, which falls in the month of February....
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Striking a Chord: Country Roads Celebrates 25 Years

Travelling across the north-east region of Sri Lanka in 1988, Feizal Samath, a journalist and Country singer, was deeply affected by the scenes he witnessed. ...
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A Fishy Business

The vibrant Peliyagoda Fish Market Complex

Trying to get sleep out of my eyes, I slowly moved forward. People bustled by me and I tried to avoid head on collisions with busy people who were so out of pace with my slow gait....
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Canine Duty: A Day at the Kennels

Canines at a pose – KC, Bush, Scooby, Pako, Jena, Lada and Lady enjoying the attention

Alert watchful eyes glistening with anticipation... Ears twitching and tails wagging to a frantic rhythm... Listening and watching intensely for their next command, the surrounding atmosphere shimmered with their adorable fervour. ...
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Cruising the Wintering Grounds of Kalametiya

We were back along the southern extremities of the Island, this time to unearth a little known bird sanctuary of the parts – Kalametiya. ...
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Float Away in the City

The Floating Restaurant – Diyatha Cruise making its way along the Diyawanna and the brightly lit Boardwalk Restaurant and walkway in the distance

In the mellow embrace of the evening, the Diyatha Cruise glides surreptitiously along the Diyawanna Oya....
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Doctor Fish And Live Seafood

Since opening its doors to guests in Negombo, Lords Restaurant is today a complex with six restaurants, serving up epicurean delights....
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Tea: The World’s Green Gold

Tea  and  Health Tea Tips Good tea does not require sweetening for enjoyable consumption. It is bad quality tea that requires sugar to mask the poor taste.   Consumption of fine well made teas properly brewed in good water is...
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RnR: An unforgettable experience

Candle-lit dinners with low dropped antique ceilings, rustic shades of comfy sofas garnished with splashes of unique typographic cushions, I was mesmerised into a relaxing trance as I walked into this modern restaurant at the Colombo Racecourse......
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