April, 2014

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A Morning With Dolphins In Kalpitiya

The Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin jumps into the air

I hesitate to write about these creatures of the sea, because the less people know the safer they would be. But to protect them we need to know......
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The Promise To Deliver

Stamped mail is distributed through the postal lines

Despite advances in technology, the postman’s job is an irreplaceable facet of Sri Lankan life....
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Amidst the Tranquillity of Kaudulla

The cooling breeze of early morning and comfortable warmth of the rising sun embraced us as we entered the quiet environs of the Kaudulla National Park...

The cooling breeze of early morning and the comfortable warmth of the rising sun embraced us as we entered the quiet environs of the Kaudulla National Park......
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Through Strawberry Fields

A worker sifting through to pluck the ripened strawberries

Blue skies dappled with white clouds that drifted seamlessly to unknown destinations far away, terraced fields blanketed in greenery through the rolling landscape and small houses that...
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A Unique Seat Of Learning

The magnificent doorway leading to the palace of Emperor Ashoka

The vastness of the land and the immensity of the architectural display greet visitors at the Manelwatta temple in Biyagama, Kelaniya....
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Along the trails of King Dutugemunu

Inner Stupa of the Mahaweli Maha Seya in its final phase of construction

It was an arduous journey, but a really exciting and adventurous one at that. Along the trails of the triumphant King Dutugemunu we made our way to explore...
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More than just Jewellery

Careems at Hilton

The mesmerising sapphire beaded necklace, which stood apart in its elegance and intricate design beckoned me to indulge in its beauty as I walked into Careems. Blue sapphires, arrayed perfectly to three strands united with a stunning tsavorite and diamond...
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In The Comfort Of The Kodigaha

The dining room of the main building

The call of the birds and the soft rustling of leaves as the countless trees swayed gently in the breeze, called us forth to explore the enchanting expanse that unfolded before us... Treading the interweaving pathways that wove through the...
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The lounge in the glow of the red lights

Overlooking the bustling city of Colombo where people and vehicles scurry about and where tall buildings rise to meet the skyline, Clique presents an ideal getaway to revel in a scrumptious meal and a pleasurable evening set amidst a refined...
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Thaproban Pavilion Resort & Spa: Surrender To Tranquillity

The rear view of the Resort

As I entered the Thaproban Pavilion Resort and Spa, the façade with a simple yet elegant touch, grasped my attention. Stepping inside and walking along the passageway, I marvelled at the sight before me. The ocean was sparkling in the...
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